The regatta in pictures

This year we had a press boat with photographers and a special drone on saturday. That way we could capture the regatta for everyone to relive some of it on a later moment. We hope you'll find yourself and your friends to download and keep the memory for a long time...

Here you can find the collections of Carla de Brouwer, Willem Stoker, Sikko Huitema and Wietze Huitema.

Photoalbum saturday, Carla de Brouwer

Photoalbum sunday, Carla de Brouwer

Photoalbum drone saturday, Willem Stoker

Photoalbum saturday & sunday, Sikko Huitema

Photoalbum skûtsje, Sikko Huitema

Photoalbum saturday, Wietze Huitema

Photoalbum sunday, Wietze Huitemar

Frank Strelow wins Eastersee Regatta 2015

After sailing an almost perfect second day Frank Strelow, our winner from last year, wins the Eastersee Regatta 2015. With three race wins on sunday Frank ends up on top of the leaderboard. A great winner we have in him. Second place was for Thorsten Schmidt and third place went to Stefan Rassau, all from Germany. We think with the weather and the racing, everybody is a winner. Two days with good breeze and lot's of sunshine. After the three races on saturday the race officer was able to put 4 races in on sunday.

Racing was close to the shore so the spectators could follow the races and their favourites. The special prizes went to Susanne Mackmann (1st female sailor, on place 16 overall), Rod Andrew (first wooden mast) and Koen Schelling (first aluminum mast). The encouragement award went to Bart van der Haar. All prizes were handed out by Twan Trommelen from the local municipality of Oosterzee.

More news, stories, pictures and movies you will find on this website in the upcoming days, so please return in the future.

Drone over the OK fleet

On saturday afternoon Willem Stoker steered his drone over lake Tjeukemeer and the entire OK dinghy fleet for some pictures and movies.

Tour on the skûtsje Frisia

On saturday evening the skûtsje Frisia took the sailors for a small tour on the lake. The Skûtsje of Jelle Jan and his son Robert de Jong gave them a feeling of sailing back in 1902...

Great first day

The first day was sunny and had a very nice breeze. Thirty-seven OK dinghies went on the lake Tjeukemeer for three races. There was some great racing and sportsmanship. Three sailors on top of the leaderboard with 11 points after the first day. And a great Dutch win by Sybren Hornstra in race 2. Best female is Susanne Mackmann on place 11 after day one While Kor-Marten Lok is the best saior with an aluminum mast and Rod Andrew the best sailor with a wooden mast. All to sail for tomorrow.

Right now the sailors are on a skutsje tour around the lake to come back for the BBQ later this evening.

Special surprise 'SKûTSJESILEN'

The family De Vries From Oosterzee have arranged that all competitors can have a tour around the lake on board of the 'skûtsje' Frisia on the saturday afternoon/evening. Frisia is a cargo sailing ship from 1902 and has a length of 20.56 meter. Skûtsjes are famous in Fryslan and the Netherlands and each year these sailing ships race eachother in weekends and big summer regatta's. We call that skûtsjesilen. We hope the wind will allow you all to experience this magnificent feeling of history, power and speed...

Training on friday afternoon

On friday afternoon, august 28, there is the possibility to train on the lake to experience the circumstances and to have the boat tweaked for the racing on saturday and sunday. Starting time is around 15.00 hours.

looking forward to the regatta

Tension is building up, as the Eastersee Regatta will be raced in a few days. Looking at the entry list the question arises who will have chances to win the regatta?! Will Frank Strelow from Germany win his second title? Or will Dirk Dame, who was second German at the worlds in Poland and second last year in Oosterzee beat everyone else. Perhaps last years's third Ronny Poelman can beat the rest, but how will his knee hold up? And what to expect from Peter Hoeck from Denmark, a very strong country at the moment? Michel Lesure from Luxembourg had a massive experience and what to expect from the Dutch? Peter van der Schaaf was the best Dutch last year and he was runner up last weekend in a race in Germany after winning the famous Sneekweek in the first week of august. He has been training hard to get up to high level. Then there is Stephan Veldman who alwys sails consistent and smart and Jan Siebe de Vries will sail his first hometown regatta. He upgraded his boat from previous years with a carbon mast. Will that give him te advantage over the other Dutch sailors. Especially in light winds we think he has a good chance on being high on the leaderboard. And there are the veterans like Hessel Hoekstra in his brand new Dan Leech design, self build OK and Sybren Hornstra, who won the Easter Regatta at the beginning of this year in his old boat. If he has his new SOTA in time, then whe will be up there on the leaderboard too. It will be tough though, with all the other experienced German and Belgian sailors that found their way to our regatta. We will have to see and find out. See you all in Oosterzee and keep our website posted for reports, results, pictures and (drone) movies.

37 entries from 5 countries and counting !

Already thirty-seven OK sailors registered for the 2015 edition, including Peter Hoeck from Denmark and Michel Lesure from Luxembourg, six sailors from Belgium and fourteen sailors from Germany ! One of those sailors is Frank Strelow (GER), the reigning champion. Also number two and three of the first edition, Dirk Dame (GER) and Ronny Poelman (BEL) will race in the 2015 edition. Among the entries there are also a lot of sailors that didn't compete in 2014, so we hope to see between 30 and 40 entries in the end of August. Local hero Jan Siebe de Vries will compete for his first Eastersee Regatta !!! Go to 'registration' to see who already registered or to complete your own registration to compete in the Eastersee Regatta 2015 !!

eastersee regatta 2015

On 29 and 30 August 2015 the second edition of the 'Eastersee Regatta' will be held on the Tjeukemeer. After the succes of the 2014 edition with 21 competitors from the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany. We hope to see 30+ competitors at his years weekend regatta. The regatta will be held in Oosterzee in the northern part of the Netherlands. The 'Eastersee Regatta' (pronounced in english as 'yestersay regatta') is named after the frisian name for the small town of 'Oosterzee'. This international ok dinghy regatta will be held at the 'Tjeukemeer', a 20 square kilometre lake with perfect conditions for sailing and enjoying nature and breeze.

The race course is very good viewable for spectators and the harbour area is right beside the centre of the town. The city of Oosterzee is easy to find and located right beside the highway so getting there doesn't need to be a problem. Like last year again we will have some special prizes for a) best sailor with wooden mast, b) best sailor with aluminum mast and c) best female sailor. This will assure great competativeness throughout the entire field. Everyone will have others to race against with comparable material ! The maximum amount of competitors we can have will be around 40 this year. So if you want to be there, please pre-register digitally on this website. If you were here last year and had a great time, please spread the word about the 2015 edition.

This website will keep you informed about news, schedules, NOR, entries, registration, results, etc. We hope to see you there as a specatator or as competitor to find out who will become the successor of Frank Strelow (GER), our great winner in 2014 !